The Address Where is Brought Health And Tecnology Together
Erzurum Regional Training and Research Hospital

First of all I would like to say that I am happy to be here.We were greeted with good hospitality.For this reason I would like to thank all the personel in here in this hospital,especially for zülal ,where she helped me in all the matters,once again I would like to thank her deeply from the heart and I am grateful for everything. –Sakine Canbaxisiyev/Azerbaijan-Nakhchivan,

I would like to thank Erzurum Region Training and Research Hospital,translators,doctors,especially for zülal (Translator ),she helped us a lot and she took care of us.Thank you very much. –Sema Askerli / Azerbaijan-Nakhchivan,

I would want to write a lot of things about this hospital.If we summarise it in few words,it’s a wonderful hospital,with welcoming, warm hearted personel,it’s like a five star hotel.Thank you Erzurum Region Training and Research Hospital. –Eşref Elekberov / Azerbaijan-Nakhchivan,